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ProMonitor News
Patch 10.2.1 released
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ProMonitor 10.2.0 released
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Patch 10.1.5 released
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Patch 10.1.4 released
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Patch 10.1.3 released
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Patch 10.1.2 released
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Patch 10.1.1 released
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Version 10.1.0 released
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Patch 10.0.13 released
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Patch 10.0.12 released
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Patch 10.0.11 released
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Patch 10.0.10 released
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Patch 10.0.9 released
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Patch 10.0.8 released
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Patch 10.0.7 released
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Patch 10.0.5 released
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Patch 10.0.4 released
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Patch 10.0.3 released
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Patch 10.0.2 released
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ProMonitor 10.0.0 released
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Patch 9.0.11 released
This patch supports the release of ProVerify 2.1.0. To download, click here 
Patch 9.0.10 released
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Integrated Student Monitoring and Support

Key Points

  • Individual Learner Plans Module
  • Markbook Module
  • Report Writer Module 
  • ProPortal Module
  • Tasks Module
  • SMS Module
  • Report Pack Module
Practical Features

  • Learner and enrolment information imported from your MIS system
  • Attractive, clear, rapid navigation  
  • Individual User profiles of taught groups and tutorial groups
  • Swift access to detailed learner information
  • An open system to promote communication across college  
  • Install Live and Training systems side-by-side
  • Flexible Structures - to fit your college 

    Learner ILP & Student Support

    • Centralised collection of key learner details
    • Raise, track and follow up comments 
    • Email notifications are support
    • Record induction and one-to-one progress reviews 
    • View and supplement a learner's profile 
    • Learner Support and At Risk pages

      Integrated Progress Reviews & Parental Reporting
      • Intuitive on-line method for teachers and personal tutors to record progress
      • Use these progress comments within your one-to-one meetings
      • Generate Reports to Parents by reusing this information
      • Consistently record and review academic progress for all students
      • Customise your Reports to Parents
      • Publish electronically to ProPortal for parents/guardians to view

        The Markbook Module

        • Consistent interface suitable for both academic and vocational qualifications
        • Enter marks for: Units, Assessments, and Tasks
        • Schedule units and assessments for performance monitoring 
        • Enter assessment resubmission

          Learner Progress

          • Flexible markbook reporting
          • Group matrix completion reports
          • Performance vs Target reports 
          • Completion progress charting

            Report Writer Module
            • Directly integrated within ProMonitor
            • Delivered with a very extensive range of sample reports
            • These reports can be examined for ideas and altered to suit particular 
            • Ability to customise data sources to report on data from ProMonitor and other external data sources
            • Reports can be made available based on college structure and user 
            • account permissions

              ProPortal Module

              • Provides students with on-line access to their ILP
              • Access to read-only markbook module information
              • Flexible permission groups
              • A permission group determines the pages a user can view
              • Designed to support the requirements of different types of users
                (eg. Students, Employers, Parents, Head Teachers) 
              • Student information pages can also be made available if you use ProSolution
                (MIS from Compass) including the timetable, detailed attendance, and exam entry.

                Case Studies
                The following documents showcase how a range of ProMonitor customer colleges have used the system effectively:

                • Strode – tracking academic progress using indicative progress grades for all students (using the ProMonitor markbook)
                • Stoke – a cross-college progress review system for all students , including student input (using ProMonitor progress reviews and ProPortal)
                • Newcastle–under–Lyme – using comments and meetings cross-college
                • Hugh Baird – an integrated student behaviour, disciplinary and support system (using ProMonitor comments and meetings)
                • Tameside – reporting data on 14-16 learners back to local partner secondary schools (using ProMonitor, ProPortal and ProSolution)
                • Loughborough – Using ProMonitor with HE Students (using ProMonitor markbook for HE)
                • Preston's – Using ProMonitor to communicate students' progress to parents and carers

                Click on one of the logos below to download the pdf document.

                Strode College Logo Stoke On Trent Sixth Form College Newcastle-under-Lyme College
                Strode College Logo Tameside College Logo Loughborough College Logo

                Prestons College Logo
                ProMonitor Online Evaluation

                The evaluation is built around a fictitious college with a wide range of courses, staff, students and other users (e.g. parents). To get the most from using the evaluation site, please read the document below to give you an overview of the demonstration data (including different logins for different types of user).
                  ProMonitor Logo ProPortal Logo
                PDF Logo An overview of the demonstration data
                Username: pdean
                Password: password
                Username: 11120001
                Password: password
                Implementing ProMonitor
                The following documents provide information about implementing ProMonitor.
                These documents provide information regarding planning your ProMonitor implementation, the hardware and software platforms required to run the software and a guide to the services we offer to help you implement the system.
                  Further documents about using ProMonitor can be found in the 'How To' Guides section of the ProMonitor Support Page
                Student Tacking isn’t purely about software such as ProMonitor – people and processes must also work effectively within a college to make it a success.  FETN exists to promote and support this.  Although not formally associated with Compass, we know that FETN makes a valuable contribution to the sector.

                The Further Education Tutorial Network (FETN)

                FETN is a not-for-profit organisation passionate about improving learner retention, achievement and progression through outstanding tutorial, enrichment and wider skills development.

                At FETN we recognise and understand the challenges faced by the Education and Training Sector. Our aim is to be pro-active in responding to the perpetually changing environment in which the sector operates. In doing so we are able to provide relevant and timely support to our members and to fulfil our mission in creating the best outcome possible for each and every learner.

                FETN provides:
                • National open training events 
                • Bespoke in-house training 
                • Quality improvement consultancy 
                • Management Coaching 
                FETN Associates offer a wealth of expertise in a broad range of areas for example:
                • Managing Tutorial and Enrichment Provision 
                • Tutorial Quality Audit, Review and Observation 
                • Improving Tutorial Practice and Curriculum Design 
                • 1-1 Reviews and Target Setting 
                • Tracking and Supporting Learners at Risk 
                • Behaviour Management 
                • Safeguarding and Supporting Learners 
                • Citizenship, Enrichment and Employability skills 
                • Careers Education and IAG
                FETN Logo

                For further information and contact details visit